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Enrolment Form

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Children may begin school on their fifth birthday but must, by law, be enrolled by their sixth birthday.  Please supply verification of; residence (bill or other document supporting your address), date of birth (birth  certificate or passport)  along with your  child’s immunisation certificate.  If you do not  have an immunisation certificate for your child, or would like further information about immunisation, talk to your doctor or nurse.

It is best to ring to make an enrolment visit for your child, about 6 weeks before their 5th birthday.  It is then possible to arrange suitable days for your child to visit, both with Mum and/or Dad, and on their own.  This makes school familiar and easier to cope with on their first day.

Children entering the school from other schools within New Zealand need to complete an enrolment form.  The school will then request a transfer of records.



Hurupaki Primary School is currently a zoned school.  The Ministry of Education has put in place an enrolment scheme, which means only children living within the zone are entitled to attend Hurupaki School.  Children living within the zone are automatically granted a place at the school.   For zone information visit  link below or call into the office for  information.


If we have any avaliable spaces for out of zone children, we advertise in Sept/Oct in the Northern Advocate the year BEFORE you would like your child to start.  Numbers vary from year to year.

Application form 2021


Please note: If you are in zone at time of enrolment and move out of zone after enrolment, you must notify the school immediately.



2. Siblings of current students.

3. Siblings of former students.

4. Children of former students.

5. Children of Board employees or Board members.

6. All other applicants.