Date of next meeting 20 June 2023

Our School Board Members

Our School Board are committed to providing the very best learning environment possible for our children. They are passionate about upholding the school vision of “Learning today for Tomorrow” and support the management of the school through effective governance. The School Board meet twice each term in the school staffroom.

Danny Clarkson – Principal

Jason Ujdur – Presiding Member

Katherine Mabbitt – Staff Trustee

Leonie Osborne – Parent Elected Trustee

Michelle Eyre – Parent Elected Trustee

Poutama Hetaraka – Parent Elected Trustee

Julian Blank – Parent Elected Trustee



The Charter


The charter sets out the vision for the school as well as the shared values that are important for the school community. Charters include a strategic section setting out goals or aims which will help the school achieve the vision.


Learning Today for Tomorrow


Respect – Manaaki

Caring – Atawhai

Responsibility – Kawenga

Please view the 2022 Charter here.


We are all familiar with the different ways in which the word policy is used.

In a school environment policies provide:

Expectations of the outcomes desired.

Delegation of responsibility for implementation.

Rules or limits.

We have added links to some of the Hurupaki School policies that may be useful for parent information.

NAG 3 Complaints 2021

NAG 5 Health & Safety Policy 2020

Annual Reports

Audited Financial Statements 2022