Welcome from the Hurupaki School family

We are required to record all visitors to school grounds, so we ask caregivers to stay off school grounds, and drop children at the gates to reduce congestion in the school office. The exception to this rule is caregivers of new entrant children who are having their visits or have started school this term, and caregivers with appointments to see school staff. These visitors to the school are to please wear a mask, maintain a physical distance of 1 meter and sign in at the office.


2022 Parent information – School at ORANGE

Students who are confirmed cases or household contacts, are not to attend onsite for seven days, returning on the 8th day. Please continue to inform the school if children test positive for covid 19.

-Those with complex health needs are encouraged to seek advice from health professionals.

-We will continue to provide distance learning in the likelihood children cannot be onsite.

-In extreme circumstances, if there are several staff having to work remotely, students may also have to work remotely for a time. There will be provision for children who cannot remain at home.

-The vaccination mandate has been lifted in educational settings. We cannot require proof of vaccination for anyone to be onsite. However, staff are encouraged to follow Ministry of

Health guidelines regarding vaccinations.

Masks are not mandatory but are strongly encouraged at ORANGE for students in Years 4- 6 and for the workers involved in their learning when indoors.

Visitors, including parents and caregivers are welcome. The visitors register must be signed as usual and all visitors are strongly encouraged to wear masks when indoors on site.

Events and gatherings – Assemblies or events that involve large numbers of students can now take place; if indoors there must be good ventilation. Physical distance between some groupings may take place if there are a large number of positive cases.

Singing may take place indoors with good ventilation and 1-metre physical spacings (where practicable).

Ventilation – doors and windows will be open when working indoors. Air quality will be monitored.

Stay home if sick and get tested. Remain at home until a negative test result is received and symptom free for 24 hours.


Thank you for your support with the measures outlined above. It will help us work through the public health requirements that we all need to meet in order to keep our community as safe as possible. I will keep you updated as any further information becomes available. If you have any concerns, please contact the school office.

Stay safe, stay calm, and be kind

Danny Clarkson



Links to distance learning activities for each pod:

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Hurupaki School caters for children from Year One to Year Six level.

Hurupaki School’s vision; Learning Today for Tomorrow, is forward thinking and relates to preparing our students to face their future with confidence.  The school has a reputation for developing a life-long love of learning and caring environment where participation and excellence in academic, artistic, sporting, digital, environmental and cultural activities is actively promoted.  Talent and creativity is nurtured and we are proud of the achievements of our learners.

The school’s innovative learning environments are flexible and inclusive in that opportunities are provided for a variety of activities to occur.  We know that all learners learn in different ways, and at different times they may need to work alone or together, sitting or standing, with technology and without it, in quiet spaces or with noise, indoors and outdoors.  There is room for collaborative group-based activities as well as quiet areas for reflection or reading.   The open collaborative learning spaces are used creatively to ensure learning is social, open, engaging and relevant.  The usual teacher to child ratio applies and children benefit from having more than one teacher to support them in their learning space.  Teachers benefit from having the opportunity to problem-solve together.

Students are supported as active learners taking an increased level of responsibility for their learning.  Learning progressions are used to support our learners to know how am I doing?, where and I going?, and where to next?  Hurupaki School is committed to building the necessary foundations of knowledge and competencies to support students with succeeding in life and learning.

School buildings are set within spacious park like grounds containing a solar-heated swimming pool, an extensive adventure playground, an impressive school hall and a continually developing wetlands area.  Our children work hard in their environment to keep it attractive.

The Hurupaki Kindergarten is located on school grounds on the Three Mile Bush Road boundary.  They have an interacting relationship with the school and are able to use our facilities when they wish.