2017 Yearbook Selected to be an example book for Entourage Yearbooks

Hurupaki School’s 2017 yearbook got selected to be an example on the Entourage Yearbooks Website, click the link to view it. Well done Media Team 2017!!



At triathlon it is a good learning experience because kids get to swim, bike and run while being cheered on by the other kids. Here is some student voice that we collected.

“I liked the swimming because it was refreshing.” – Quinn

“I enjoyed riding the bikes because it was fun.” – Charlee

“We liked how everybody showed great sportsmanship.” – Joel & Cooper

“Biking is my favourite hobby so I liked biking.” – Lucion

“We liked it because you get to do three things altogether!” – Anya & Brooke


To view some photos from the day visit the link below:


By Peyton, Kaprice & Madeleine


Epro 8 Challenge

 Lots of different schools entered teams for the Epro 8 Challenge; we went to Whangarei Intermediate to take part in a range of challenges that included electronics and teamwork.

“We did different challenges, we chose the ‘Stormproof Dog House’. This involved teamwork, and engineering skills.” – Anya

“I liked it because it was a challenge for our team, if we ever did it again our next step would be electronics.” – Jett

“I liked when people complimented us about our circuits.” – Aston

“I liked how we worked as a team. Next time I would like to build something else.” – Kade


By Gemma & Isabella

Cookbook Recipe Challenge Winners

Congratulations to Pod 6 who had the largest number of recipes submitted for the cookbook. They won a voucher for Bunnings where they are planning to purchase a range of loose parts to add to their equipment for learning through play. Here they are being presented with their prize.




Pod 6 EOTC 2018

EOTC Thank You 2018

In week four we went on our EOTC trip for 2018. On Thursday we had a fantastic day challenging ourselves at Adventure Forest. We were all very proud of what the students achieved throughout this experience. On Friday we had lots of fun doing craft activities, construction challenges and baking at school. The children really enjoyed themselves.

Another huge thank you to our parent helpers we could not have had such a successful trip without your support.


Swimming Sports 2018

Recently, the seniors have participated in our 2018 swimming sports. Swimming sports is where we swim to get a place in inter schools, a lot of children enjoy this event.

Copy of IMG_4732 IMG_4610 IMG_4628

IMG_4662 IMG_4669 IMG_4681

 Media Team 2018

We are the Media Team for 2018. This year the Media Team are Sam, Kaprice, Madeleine, Lila, Isabella, Peyton and Gemma. We will be updating the kids news on the school website weekly, and we will be making the school magazine for 2018.




Techquest 2017

On Friday Mikayla, Sam, Kade, Luca, Cooper and Taine went to Techquest at the Kamo chapel.  There were so many different  activities to choose from such as; photography, tech challenge, coding with dash, learning the code, coding with robotics, QR code hunt and much more. It was so much fun, we all enjoyed it!! We were all so lucky because only six year fives got to go. Photography was fun because we got to take photos and mess around with the settings and crop it, enhance the lighting, and add filters. 

Next year we are going to use the skills and knowledge that we learnt to teach others. We would also love to go again as student helpers.

By Sam, Kade, Mikayla, Taine, Cooper and Luca


IMG_3572 IMG_3573 IMG_3576

IMG_3588 IMG_3613

John Parsons – Cyber Safety and Student Wellbeing

IMG_3548 IMG_3549


On Tuesday John Parsons came to school to work the students on cyber safety and student wellbeing.

The workshops with the children were engaging and relevant. Children were encouraged to see themselves as cybernauts; trained in how to safely navigate the online world. They were encouraged to put on a waistband that contains their digital boundary – Family, Friends and Yourself.

See the internet as a location you go to. Therefore the safety rules that apply when we go to places in the real offline world, such as a park or a playground, are the same rules that apply when visiting locations such as minecraft, instagram, facebox or Xbox. The children were reminded not to share personal details with anyone they don’t know, whether online or offline. They were reminded that the friends you have offline should be the same as the friends you have online. Behind the characters they are chatting with in online games are people that they don’t know – don’t share personal details.

When someone says something mean or unkind when online, don’t answer them back, instead ‘power up – take control’ take a screenshot of the unkind message and put it in a folder named with a person you love or trust, and then show the folder to the person you trust. Its strong to not answer back.

Remember to always consider other people’s feelings when you post something on line – get permission to post photos, keep your words kind, show that you care.

Junior Kapa Haka and Senior Choir Perform at Kamo Club

Today some of the students from the Junior Kapa Haka group and the Senior Choir were invited to perform at the Kamo Club.

20171123_120520 20171123_120530 20171123_120926 20171123_121656 20171123_122556

Seniors Camp 2017 – Marsden Bay Christian Camp

Some photos from Pod 5 at the seniors camp…

IMG_2695 IMG_2782

IMG_2742 IMG_2687

IMG_2680 IMG_2660

IMG_2659 IMG_2643

Manaia View Kapa Haka Festival

Here are some photos of the students performing at the Manaia View Kapa Haka festival last week…

IMG_9314 IMG_9343

 IMG_9352 IMG_9324

IMG_9333 IMG_9346

Pod 1 EOTC Trip 2017

Pod 1 had a fantastic trip to the Kawakawa Train, Kawiti Caves and Hurupaki Mountain last week. Here are some photos of our trip…

IMG_3168 IMG_3271

IMG_3285 IMG_3303

IMG_3387 IMG_3398

IMG_3435 IMG_3451




We had some fantastic results in the school athletics, here are some photos of the students competing…

IMG_3116 2 IMG_3099

IMG_3092 IMG_3085

IMG_3071 IMG_3058

IMG_3050 IMG_3049

IMG_3045 IMG_3043

IMG_3042 IMG_3041


IMG_3067 IMG_3063 IMG_3060


Choir Festival

Last week some of the senior students from Hurupaki School performaed at the choir festival held at Forum North. They performed alongside some other schools and did a fantastic job! Well done

2017-09-12 19.38.58

2017-09-12 19.57.57

2017-09-12 20.36.30 (1)

2017-09-12 20.36.30

Whanau Day

Netball Academy

Every Wednesday at lunchtime we have netball academy. Everyone is welcome. Netball academy is where we learn netball skills and these skills can be used in other sports, too.  

At the start of every session we have a warm up game.  Louise is the manager of netball academy, her helpers are Jorja, Jordan, Bridget, Pyper and Addison.

Each week we work on levels and once you have completed a level you get a certificate.

Netball academy is on Wednesday every week, can’t wait to see you there!

By Addison Van Engelen

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 1.09.45 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 1.10.07 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 1.10.53 PM

Pod 8, 9 & 10 Camp – Best and worst things…

I liked sleeping in the tent and I also liked swimming and American dodgeball. The movie was cool too. – Lucy

I liked the activities and the yummy lunch, we played fun games. – Gemma

I liked the gum-digger game and the yummy lunch. – Dillan

I liked the ice cream and the yummy lunch and the games. – Anya

Pod 2 Camp – Best and worst things…

My favourite thing was walking the loop track, but I did not really like the boat trip. – Dejaye

My favourite thing was walking the loop track but I didn’t like walking up the hill to the river. – Cayl

My favourite thing was going into the cellar.  I did not like eating on the boat. – Jayden

My favourite thing was going to the town basin but I did not like walking around limestone island. – Kaea

IMG_8891 IMG_8894

ANZAC Assembly

Today we had an excellent ANZAC memorial assembly.  Congratulations to our speakers; Kate, Jayden, Jorja, Ethan, Daniel, Blake and Molly.  You did an amazing job of informing everyone about ANAZAC day and why it is so important for us to remember the soldiers who  went to battle for our country. You spoke clearly and fluently which is no easy task in front of a large audience, well done. Thank you also to our fantastic sound and visuals monitors; James and Luca.

Lest We Forget

IMG_5214 IMG_5216 IMG_5217 IMG_5218 IMG_5219 IMG_5220


Swimming Sports 2017

Swimming sports is one of our favourite events.

Swimming Jakawa Poem


Freestyle first

Next is backstroke

After that is breaststroke

Who’s going to win?

Nearly there everybody

Let’s go


By Lila, Carys and Mikayla

IMG_5286       IMG_5306

Bikes in School 2017

You can ride the the bikes most lunchtimes. The bike monitors help you choose the right size bike, and help you to find your helmet.  Riding bikes is good for exercising and awareness of what is happening around you.

By Daniel and Kate

Newspaper Article – Northland Advocate, March 1, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 12.20.17 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 12.20.02 PM

Athletics Sports 2016

Athletics is the event filled with track and field events. Sprints, hurdles and relays in the track events.  For field events there is high jump, long jump, discuss, shot put, fox tail and chicken throw instead of javelin.  Even though the weather wasn’t the best everyone had a great time and tried their very best.

By Chelsea

IMG_7065 IMG_7100



Fun, Fish and Dive 2016

Snapper, Kahwai, Trevelli…Fishing!

Not too long ago Hurupaki had a fishing competition open to adults and children.  There were lots of prizes and some lucky people even walked away with more than one prize!!!  This was a great opportunity for everyone and a great fundraiser for our school.

By Bailey and Katisha

Please visit the Facebook Page to view all of the amazing photos!!


Senior Camp 2016

The seniors went to Moirs Point Christian Camp in Mangawhai.  There was an awesome flying fox and a MASSIVE waterslide.  Some people went down to the estuary and made sandcastles.  The weather wasn’t great so the students could not go kayaking or pedal-boating, but it was still amazing!

By Katie, Katisha and Renee


FullSizeRender IMG_3701


Kids’ News Team 2016

This is the team of students who are working hard to take photos and interview members of our school community. They are going to use the information to contribute to the school magazine this year as well as update the online news. They are very committed to their position and are enjoying designing and developing the magazine.  The team are really looking forward to publishing school news here to keep you updated.